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Artificial Impressions,

Hook and latch grids, yarn, light, sounds recorded locally including birds, waterfalls, and streams,

The Bascom, Highlands, NC 2018,

Winter Resident Recipient

My work often is an interplay of nature and technology. I am interested in how we define nature and how that definition is changing with the rise of the digital world. The blue light, the sounds of local wildlife, the draft that sets the hanging mesh in motion – all of these are artificial but evoke a natural environment. Hook and latch grids, yarn, and paper are material that is derived from nature and have been industrialized for mostly domestic processes.

This installation developed during a 4-week artist residency at The Bascom. Originally, I conceived of smaller installation, but the size and unique dimensions of the gallery necessitated a larger, more expansive work.

The audience is encouraged to explore the installation. Navigate through the layers and around the installation. See it from all sides. Lay beneath it and look up.
Then, become a part of the installation by making your own paper sculpture and attaching it to one of the screens that are hanging on the far right or far left.

The Artificial Impressions installation was inspired by the history and patrons of The Bascom. I would like to thank The Bascom for this opportunity as well as their continued guidance throughout this process.

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